USP <797> Compliant Products

The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) has taken steps to increase the safety of their staff and patients. According to their most recent publication of Pharmacy Policies and Procedures, UTMB requires the use of a sterile chemo spill mat when mixing chemotherapy drugs.

Why do spill mats have to be sterile and can’t any old chuck or mat work? The simple answer is no. The negative effects of using a potentially contaminated mat in a cleanroom or hood can be substantial. Sterile chemo spill mats are free from bacteria, microorganisms, and other particulates to reduce the incidents of nosocomial infections. The purpose of a cleanroom is to reduce the risk of contamination when mixing drugs or compounding IVs.

Until recently, there were not any sterile cleanroom grade spill mats available for purchase in the United States. Now that Acute Care Pharmaceuticals has one available for purchase more universities, hospitals, and compounding centers need to follow suit to protect their staff and patients.

Sterile Pharma-Chemo Mats are now available at GPO pricing through ABC, Cardinal, McKesson, and direct.

Below are 7 reasons why Sterile Pharma-Chemo Mats fulfill UTMB’s vision of a safer work environment:

1. Lint less – (lower partical count)

2. Cleanroom grade – (USP 797 compatible)

3. Sterile – (free from live bacteria and microorganisms)

4. Latex Free – ( no allergic reaction)

5. Highly absorbent with impermeable bottom layer – (eliminates dangerous cleanup)

6. Immediately shows spills

7. Can be used when administering chemo to a patient, reducing the danger to the administrator

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